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Oral Cancer Screening – East York, ON

Dental Checkups Could Save Your Life

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At Donlands Family Dentistry, we want to protect you from more than just cavities. Oral cancer is one of the most prevalent kinds of cancer in the world, which is why you can expect an oral cancer screening in East York as part of your routine preventive checkup. Using the advanced technology of VELscope®, we can find abnormal tissues in your mouth early on, allowing for an early diagnosis that can give you a much better chance of a successful recovery. If you haven’t had a dental appointment in a while, contact us today; it just might save your life.

Why Choose Donlands Family Dentistry for an Oral Cancer Screening?

  • High Quality Treatment for Children and Adults Alike
  • Convenient Evening Hours Available
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable and Caring Dentists

Oral Cancer Statistics

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Out of all the different kinds of cancer, oral cancer is the sixth most common worldwide. Every year, about 53,000 adults are diagnosed with cancer in the mouth or the esophagus, and more than 9,750 die; that’s about one death per hour every day. The 5-year survival rate, on average, is about 57%, although it depends largely on how early the condition is diagnosed and subsequently treated. In general, you can expect your risk for oral cancer to increase as you get older, especially after age 50.

What are the Risk Factors for Oral Cancer?

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There are several factors that are known to increase the risk of oral cancer, including:

  • Tobacco: Most oral cancers are linked to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, and the risk naturally increases over time.
  • Alcohol: Drinking excessively has been shown to make oral cancer more likely, particularly if you also smoke.
  • Previous Cancer: If you’ve already survived one kind of cancer, you’re more likely to develop another one.
  • Family History: There’s a higher risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (the most common kind of oral cancer) if someone in your family had it.
  • Weakened Immune System: If you have a condition that leaves your immune system weakened, oral cancer becomes overall more likely.

Why Oral Cancer Screenings are So Important

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The death rate with this form of cancer is largely associated with the fact that in many cases, it has already reached its advanced stages by the time it has been diagnosed. By having oral cancer found and diagnosed early, you give yourself the best chance of survival. If we find worrisome symptoms, we can point you in the right direction to have a precise diagnosis done so that you can get potentially life-saving treatment.

VELscope Technology

At our practice, we use the VELscope® VX Enhanced Oral Assessment System to check for signs of oral cancer and other abnormalities that we might miss with a simple visual inspection. The device shines a special light in your mouth that illuminates healthy tissue; abnormal tissue or lesions will remain dark, which tells the dentist in East York that there’s something unusual. VELscope can’t necessarily confirm whether the abnormality is cancerous, but it can confirm the need for further tests.