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Donlands Family Dentistry Blog

5 Ways Smiling Benefits Your Health

May 19, 2021

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Woman enjoying the benefits of smilingIf you don’t like the way your teeth look, you likely don’t enjoy taking pictures, laughing in public, or doing anything that might draw attention to your mouth. You don’t need to let an unattractive smile hold you back any longer. Cosmetic dentistry offers the solutions you need to reach your aesthetic goals. Did you know a boost to your self-esteem isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy after improving your teeth? There are 5 health benefits of smiling.


Addressing Concerns of At-Risk Patients

May 11, 2021

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Dentist accommodating at-risk patientsAs COVID cases across the country continue to decline, more people are emerging from their homes. You’re able to enjoy certain things that you might have missed over the last several months, like preventive appointments with your dentist. Although the COVID pandemic is slowing, you might still have a few concerns about visiting your dentist because you’re vulnerable to illnesses. Don’t worry, dentists are accommodating at-risk patients. Here are 3 steps they are taking to keep patients well.


7 Ways to Prevent a Dental Emergency from Happening

April 22, 2021

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woman dealing with a dental emergency

You’re having a normal day, and then – out of nowhere, a dental emergency strikes. It can be painful, stressful and time-consuming. If at all possible, wouldn’t you like to avoid this happening? Statistics show that 60% of dental emergencies are preventable. It all starts with having the right information. Here are 7 ways to protect yourself from a dental emergency!


Are Dental Implants Worth the Financial Investment?

April 2, 2021

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woman wondering are dental implants worth the cost

If you already have dentures or you’re looking for a way to replace your missing teeth, you’ve likely heard of the option of having dental implants placed. However, you may not be sure if this is the right route for you to take. After all, it requires a greater initial investment than other methods of tooth replacement. Are dental implants worth the cost? Continue reading to find out!


Introducing the Newest Members of the Team!

March 15, 2021

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Donlands Family Dentistry prides itself on its incredibly talented, hard-working, and compassionate dentists and team members. Every day, we look forward to helping patients like you achieve positive oral health, address dental concerns, and feel confident about your long-term smile.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to introduce Dr. Nabeel Ahmed, the new lead dentist who has joined Dr. Margolian as a partner in the practice.


The 3 Most Common Types of Dental Injuries in Sports

January 20, 2021

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Closeup of soccer ball and player wearing cleats

As an athlete, injury certainly comes with the territory, which is why those who play sports competitively are automatically more likely to experience dental damage. Thankfully, an emergency dentist can restore your smile back to its full health and beauty. Because dental emergencies can never be completely prevented, it’s important for athletes to understand the ways they put their teeth at risk. Read on to learn about the 3 most common types of dental injuries that can occur during sports and what you can do next to save your smile.


3 Issues than Can Keep You from Getting Dental Implants

December 17, 2020

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Modern office for dental implants near Danforth.No matter if you’ve lost a single tooth or all your teeth, dental implants near Danforth can rebuild a beautiful smile. You can enjoy the next best thing to your real teeth, but are you a candidate for the procedure? Generally, patients who have good oral and general health can get them; however, there are a few issues that might prevent you from receiving dental implants. Don’t worry, your dentist can often resolve the concerns to create the healthy foundation necessary to support your dental implants.


4 Tips to Enjoying the Holidays After Undergoing Oral Surgery

November 8, 2020

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a young woman holding her mouth in pain in preparation for oral surgery

The holidays are a time when having fun and spending time around family and friends is the norm, but if you’re recovering from oral surgery, it can be difficult to embrace these moments. Fortunately, a dentist in East York is here to provide a few helpful tips that will allow you to recover successfully while enjoying the festivities this season. Read on to learn what you can do after undergoing dental implant placement or wisdom tooth extraction during your holiday break.  


Have You Been to the Dentist This Year? Here Are 4 Reasons to Go!

September 23, 2020

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Woman smiling at routine dentist appointment

Six months ago, our lives were forever changed as the novel COVID-19 virus spread into a worldwide pandemic. Fortunately, infection control measures like social distancing and face masks have made the transition out of quarantine and into our “new normal” possible. However, many patients are still hesitant to schedule a checkup and cleaning, even though they haven’t gone all year. If you are on the fence about attending your biannual appointment, read on for four reasons you should visit your dentist.


Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?

August 6, 2020

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Woman with tooth sensitivity

If you find it difficult to enjoy some of your favorite hot and cold beverages and snacks because of a sharp pain in your mouth, chances are that you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity. This is extremely common. One in eight adults claim to have some level of temperature sensitivity. There are several different causes and things you can do to lessen your discomfort. Continue reading to learn more from your emergency dentist.

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